Friday, 12 September 2008

Day 2-3

Well hello there,
Everybody has been feeling a little worse for wear after the flight and numerous power naps have been made.
After we arrived at the airport we were met by こばやしさん (Mr. Kobayashi) and taken to Josai University. (We found out that we are the first and only Brits to study at the uni)

We had a load of forms to fill out and were shown around the campus (Very big and impressive but we were way too tired to take it all in so I doubt we`ll be able to remember any of it)
After 5 hours we could finally take a break and rest in our apartments.

Joey-San`s apartment

After using our extensive Japanese skills and some exquisite train impressions we were able to find out where the train station was from a local and made our way into Tokyo.

しぶや (Shibuya)

はらじゅく (Harajuku)

We met some friends, had a look around and did some shopping (We have a video of a very cool clothes shop in はらじゅく (Harajuku) which hopefully we can put up soon)

はるか (Haruka) しょうこ (Shoko) 

まりこ (Mariko) あゆみ (Ayumi)

I`m pretty sure I`ve just gone over the same ground as Joey`s covered in the previous post but I`m sure we`ll have some whitty anecdotes and crazy adventures to tell next time.
Our entrance ceremony is on september 17th and then that`s it! We will have officially started university in Japan...



Netta said...

Great Blog...........

Looking forward to following your time in Japan.

Let me know if you need anything. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are already on the shopping list.

Have fun........

Sue Bundrick Memorial Fund for Animals said...

Hope you have a fantastic adventure! Wishing you lots of love and thinking of you
Cath & Tone xxx