Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Bongo drumming in the arcade (Kalvin and Shoko both beat me)

After uni yesterday me, Kalvin and Shoko spent some leisure time in the nearby city of Chiba. There we enjoyed the colourful city lights, purikiura, bongo drumming games and a delightful Japanese meal. mmm yummy!

The restaurant was a proper Japanese restaurant where you had to take your shoes off and everything. mmm, maximum tradition!

Actually, something Im coming to realise while being here is how inexpenise a good quality Japanese meal is. I had 3 really nice dishes, rice and 2 pineapple juices for about 2000yen (its about a tenner)! It makes me slightly ashamed of restaurants in my own country where Wagamamas are allowed to charge you about 10quid for an uninspiring bowl of noodles and oil.
See ya!

Thumbs up for Japanese food!


mum said...

looks like a lot of fun and good food.
Lily's tucking into omelette and chips here!
missing you but great to see alls going well lots of love
mum dad and lily xxxxxxxx

robin said...

hey jo
hope your'e having a good time
i am
love robin
}<<{{{{*> x