Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Day 1

We arrived in Japan yesterday at 9am after both having collectively about 30minutes sleep on the 12 hour flight. We met up with our new Japanese superior: Mr Kobayashi and were shown around our new campus, given the keys to our new apartments (In Gumyo) and taken to the registry office to become official members of the Japan club!
Last night we took the express to Tokyo and stayed at our friend Haruka's in Tokyo. 
Yesterday felt so long . I was absolutely shattered and while Kalvin, Shoko and Haruka went for a night out in Shibuya I stayed at the flat..... and slept.
Gumyo train station (ぐみょえき)


mum said...

Hope you got some sleep jo.Very well travelled both of you! thinking of you lots of love mumxxxx

Tim Vyner said...

Hey Joey and Kalvin,

I am getting in touch with a friend who you should meet up with sometime soon. Just waiting for her to get back to me and I'll email her details once you are settled in. Meanwhile I'll keep an eye on your progress, have fun,