Saturday, 29 November 2008

Tokyo Photography Project -Asakusa-

The most recent assignment we`ve been assigned is a photography project in which we have been asked to represent old and new Japan. Last weekend we went on a 2 day field trip to Tokyo visiting the beautiful old temple district of Asakusa, the home of electronic goods and manga Akihabara and the futuristic island of Odaiba. Collectively me and Kalvin collected hundreds of photos and this week we will start piecing them all together for some kind of digital presentation. Hope you like my photos.

Tokyo Photography Project -Akihabara-

The second part of Tokyo we visited as part of our photography project was Akihabara.

Photography project -Odaiba-

As part of our recent photography trip to Tokyo we visited the city`s futuristic technological capital Odaiba. There we visited the sony science museum where there were lots of robots.

JIU University Festival!

From the 1st to the 3rd of November Josai University (Our university) had a school festival. We were asked to participate and set up a stand representing England! We sold tea, penguin biscuits and apple pie. It was all very well received and we made a pretty healthy profit! Our booth was by far the most relaxed place to be. Our neighbouring stands Brasil and Korea worked frantically, non-stop making hot food for their customers, whilst me, Kalvin and our American friend Jack did things the British way, sitting down, drinking tea, eating biscuits and listening to the chemical brothers very loudly. It was nice.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Josai University Media Site
The Last 2 design projects me and Andy participated in.
The 1st was a poster design project in which we were required to design a poster for a shop or restaurant in the university town.
The 2nd was a billboard design and painting project. The theme was flowers and being the only 2 Brits me and Andy were chosen to represent the Rose. We each designed our own individual image and then along with the other Japanese media students painted our designs on 1800cmX1300cm billboards. They were eventually used in the Josai festival.
Have a look at the Josai web-site and check out our mugs!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

D1 at Fuji!!

Hello people,  it's about time I posted another blog innit.
So For my birthday I went to Fuji speedway to see D1!! D1 is Japan's premier drift racing motorsport championship. Drivers compete in a competition based on how much you can get your car sideways, how quickly you can get your car sideways and how much smoke is created while getting your car sideways. I'm a big motorsport fan and in the UK have seen many types of motoracing, but this was my first drift event. Boy was it exciting! The Japanese cars are plastered in garish multi-colored graphics and create an amazing spectacle when they pass by sideways at 70mph at full revs!!! Have a look at the video....