Thursday, 6 November 2008

D1 at Fuji!!

Hello people,  it's about time I posted another blog innit.
So For my birthday I went to Fuji speedway to see D1!! D1 is Japan's premier drift racing motorsport championship. Drivers compete in a competition based on how much you can get your car sideways, how quickly you can get your car sideways and how much smoke is created while getting your car sideways. I'm a big motorsport fan and in the UK have seen many types of motoracing, but this was my first drift event. Boy was it exciting! The Japanese cars are plastered in garish multi-colored graphics and create an amazing spectacle when they pass by sideways at 70mph at full revs!!! Have a look at the video....

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regmeuross said...

Wish I'd been there Joey. Mind you I think I prefer Smeatharpe Bangers. Now that's what I call motorsport! x Dad