Friday, 2 January 2009

Three White/ How Very Tokyo.

Over christmas I was given the opportunity to work at `Three White` design studio in Shibuya, Tokyo.
I was able to work on a project and see the everyday workings of a studio in Japan.
There was also a Japanese student there who had been doing an internship for the past month. She said that it had been a very useful time as in Japan it is quite rare to offer internships to students and the director of the company, Miho Tanaka, said that it can sometimes be difficult for design students to gain much needed experience.
So thanks again for everything.

Stupidly, I forgot to take photos but this is the website:

Also, I recently went to a really good exhibiton in Tokyo called `How Very Tokyo`.

It was organised by a Japanese graphic Designer ( that studied at the RCA and wanted to make a better connection between designers in the UK and Japan.
She invited 14 British graphic designers to design a poster from the theme `Tokyo`.
The designers included people from Bibliotheque, North and GTF.
Here is a link where you can see photos and buy the posters etc...

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